Are you interested in advertising on Meteo Luxembourg?

Here's what we offer:

Our pricing is simple: EUR 10 / month (plus EUR 2.50 in VAT if applicable) for one location.

You can target your advertisement to the region where you're active.

On average over 50,000 unique visits per month over the last three months across the site.

So for example, if your business is active in Esch-sur-Alzette and you only wish to advertise to local customers, it's EUR 10 / month (plus EUR 2.50 in VAT if applicable). If you wish to reach a broader audience, you are of course welcome to buy advertisement space for more than one location.

What about VAT?
If you're a European business with a VAT number, we'll be more than happy to issue an invoice without VAT pursuant to the VAT directive after having verified that your VAT number is valid.

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